Cash Management Solutions

Focus on what matters most, your business. Today's complex and challenging business environment demands sophisticated cash management solutions, beyond the simple processing of payments and collections. Citizens State Bank offers a compressive cash management solution that can automate payable, collect receivables, increase cash flow and maximize your business earnings.


ACH Origination provides the mechanism to create electronic transactions, both collections and payments, with ease. Authorized customers are provided login credentials to our secure website where they can manage electronic payments and receipts, thereby eliminating check writing, float, and waiting for checks to arrive by mail. Best of all, cash flow cycles become more predictable, thereby reducing stress and allowing you to focus on managing your business.
Citizens State Bank's ACH program will help your business optimize cash flow, improve accuracy and collections, increase customer satisfaction, and save time and money.

Direct Deposit

Citizens State Bank's Direct Deposit is the smart way to pay your employees. Funds from your account are electronically transferred to your employees' or any individual's checking or savings accounts. You save the time and money of having to write, deliver, process and store checks. Your employees have access to their money on payday - no trip to the bank necessary. That's a win-win.

Direct Deposit is Secure

Whether you employ or pay benefits to 10 or 100,000 employees, shareholders or retirees, Direct Deposit works for you. Deposits can be verified by phone, online or at any ATM. There are no paper checks for criminals to steal, alter, forge or counterfeit.

Your Savings Add Up

Converting from paychecks to Direct Deposit is affordable, whether you outsource payroll or handle it internally. Payroll processing software is easy to use, and many packages offer a Direct Deposit formatting feature. Add to that the increases in productivity and the decreases in printing, postage and storage costs, and your business can more than recoup your start-up costs in the first year.

Remote Deposit Capture

Are you tired of making that daily dash to the bank to deposit your checks? Is standing at the copier making copies of all of your checks frustrating you? Remote Deposit provides you the ability to make deposits from the convenience of your office, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will provide you with images of all your deposits. No more trips to the bank, fighting rush hour traffic, and standing in line!

Merchant Services

Payment Processing Solutions End-to-End Solutions from Citizens State Bank & Elavon
Your business is unique, and so are its challenges. In today's competitive marketplace, you must balance good customer service with efficient cash management and risk control. You're in good company with Citizens State Bank and Elavon; we support small business merchants just like you nationwide.
So no matter your business – retail, restaurant, health care, service, mail order, e-commerce – we have the solutions you need to optimize your payment processing.

Credit & Debit Cards

Citizens State Bank's and Elavon's end-to-end processing network is one-of-a- kind in the industry. Our payment processing solutions help you improve cash flow, minimize your collections risk, and better serve your customers, all while meeting stringent security standards to protect cardholder data.
Elavon provides authorization, settlement, funding, and support, giving you one point of contact for all your Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover® Network credit and debit card transactions. In addition, we process the following over our network:

  • PIN debit
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)
  • Corporate purchasing cards
  • Fleet cards
  • Value Added Services
  • Electronic Check Service

With Elavon, accepting checks has never been so convenient and cost-effective. ECS converts all paper checks – consumer and business – into safe, efficient electronic transactions that are processed with the speed and ease of credit card transactions. Gone are manual check reconciliations, time-consuming trips to the bank, and the hassles of check collections.

Electronic Gift & Pre-paid Cards

Electronic gift cards increase revenue and attract new customers. They also reduce the fraud and labor associated with paper gift certificates. Our program allows you to select the card design and processing features tailored to your business needs.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

DCC converts international Visa and MasterCard credit card purchases into the cardholder's home currency at the point of sale and rebates a portion of the conversion fee to your business. We manage the entire conversion process – from direct treasury exchange rates and transaction processing, to back-end reconciliation, settlement, funding, and support.

Payment Terminals

Stay in compliance with the latest cardholder security standards with Elavon's broad range of dial, Internet enabled and wireless terminals and peripherals.

Software & Internet Products

Turn any PC with an Internet connection into a powerful processing solution for face-to-face and card-not-present transactions with a choice of secure hosted and distributed software solutions.

Monitor your account around the clock from any Web browser through This convenient online site allows you to display recent deposits, view chargebacks and retrieval requests, access customer support, and much more.

Automated Customer Service (ACS)

ACS is an advanced reporting and account reconciliation tool. With ACS, you can view detailed reports from across multiple locations, including transaction activity, statement detail, and card type history – all through this desktop application. Data can even be integrated with your accounting systems.

Risk Management & Fraud Control

Elavon has built-in fraud monitoring and control features to protect your business and your customers' card data. A robust set of risk management and fraud prevention tools are provided.

Customer Service & Voice Authorization

Customer support is there whenever you need it. A dedicated and well-trained staff of service professionals operates a 24/7-call center for voice authorization and client assistance.

Already accepting credit cards?

Let us give your Merchant Account a thorough check up! We'll review your current account to see if we can save you money. You have nothing to lose but higher charges!

Sweep Accounts

Sweep Accounts allow you to maximize your earnings on idle cash balances but allow you to keep those same funds available for daily cash needs. The Sweep Account is ideal for customers who have volatile cash positions which may be available for overnight investing, but must remain fully liquid to support business operations.

Wire Transfers

Domestic Wires

Whether you need to wire money to a business associate across town or across the country, Citizens State Bank can accommodate your same-day domestic wire transfer needs. Authorized individuals can initiate wires in person or online once appropriate security procedures are in place. Contact us today to establish wire procedures according to your needs.

International Wires

Initiate payments from your Citizens State Bank accounts to destinations around the world in a matter of minutes -- securely, accurately and conveniently. Authorized individuals can initiate wires in person or online once appropriate security procedures are in place. Contact us today to establish wire procedures according to your needs.


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