Questions and Answers

You have questions? We have answers. At Citizens State Bank, we want to make sure our customers are aware of all the unique options we offer, including the benefits and requirements for all our offered services.

Please take a look at the individual categories and the most frequently asked questions we receive for each. If your questions are not addressed here, please give us a call, and we will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

Checking and Savings Accounts:

Q: How do I determine which type of deposit account is best for my situation?

A: The best type of deposit account is going to be unique to your personal needs and financial situation. We have expert customer service representatives that would be happy to discuss with you which one of our accounts would be best suited for you. Feel free to give us a call at 903.581.8100 or stop by and see us at any one of our branches.

Q: Is a minimum daily balance required for checking and savings accounts?

A: Citizens State Bank offers customers a variety of deposit accounts - each with unique benefits and requirements. Find more specific information about each type of account from the links below: Checking Info. * Savings Accts. * Business / Commercial Accts. * Money Markets

Q: What is “Go Green Checking”?

A: Our Go Green Checking is a paperless account than requires no minimum daily balance.

Q: Do any of the account types offer Overdraft Protection?

A: Yes. More information.

Q: What happens if I write a check and don’t have the funds to cover it?

A: We charge non-sufficient fund and overdraft fees. Please see our List of Fees for more information. .

Q: What is “Pay It Forward”?

A: Pay It Forward is a program to encourage saving. If you have this program, we will round up each debit card transaction to the next dollar, and deposit the difference into your savings account. .

Q: What documents do I need to open a new account at CSB?

A: To open a consumer account, you will need to bring a valid government issued ID. We will also require your Social Security number, address (a physical address is required in addition to mailing), phone number and email. Business checking accounts require more verification, so please call us at 903.581.8100 or visit one of our locations and one of our Customer Service representatives will be happy to go over what will be required for your business.

Money Market Accounts:

Q: What is a Money Market account?

A: A Money Market account is a type of savings account that usually earns a higher amount of interest than a basic savings account. The minimum deposit and balance requirement for Money Market accounts are often considerably higher than that of a basic savings account. Money Market accounts are limited on the amount of withdrawals that can be made per month.

Q: Why would someone choose a Money Market account over a savings account?

A: There are many benefits to a Money Market account. These accounts are FDIC insured. Interest rates will typically be much higher within a Money Market account versus a basic Savings account. You will have check-writing capabilities with a Money Market account, however you will still be required to keep your transactions limited.

Online banking:

Q: Can I access my account information online?

A: Yes! We have online banking available at our website at

Q: Is mobile banking available?

A: Yes, we have a mobile app available for Apple and Android users that will allow you to make mobile deposits, pay bills, make transfers, and check your balance and transactions 24/7.

Q: Does CSB offer Online BillPay and is there a fee?

A: We offer Bill Pay services with our website and mobile banking app. Our service is called Three & Free, meaning your Bill Pay service will be free if you pay three or more bills per month statement cycle. Any monthly statement cycle in which you pay 0-2 bills will incur a fee of $5.95.

Q: Can I make mobile deposits?

A: Yes, we offer mobile deposit through our mobile app. Simply take a picture of the front & back of your check and submit your deposit through our mobile app.

ATM and Security:

Q: Can I use an ATM machine for free?

A: Any Citizens State Bank ATM can be used without incurring a fee. Also, since we are part of the MoneyPass network, you may use any MoneyPass ATM without a fee as well. Find a MoneyPass ATM.

Q: Is my money safe?

A: Citizens State Bank strives to protect our customer’s hard-earned money. We utilize the highest quality security software. All bank deposits are FDIC insured up to the FDIC limits. View Coverage Limits here.

Q: How do I get help if something goes wrong?

A: Our customer service representatives are available to help with any issues Monday-Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm and Friday 8:30am-5:30pm. If you need to report a lost or stolen debit card, you may call 1.800.808.6402 at any time.

Credit Cards:

Q: Who do I call if I have disputed charge or need to report a lost or stolen credit card?

A: If you want to file a credit card dispute please call 1-800-238-8604. If you have a lost or stolen credit card please call 1-800-442-4757.

Q: What is the website to view my credit card information?

A: You can Login or Register Here to see your credit card account 24/7.

Q: Does Citizens State Bank offer credit card rewards?

A: Yes! Currently, Citizens State Bank offers rewards for electronics, sporting goods, appliances, travel, cash back, concert/sporting tickets, and even charitable donations. The choice is yours! Take a Sneak Peak.

Q: What are your credit card interest rates?

A: Interest rates will be based on your credit score.

Q: What additional benefits are available as a card owner?

A: Enjoy the Prestige and Privileges of MasterCard® Please ask us the details of all the benefits to being a card holder.

Auto Loans:

Q: Does Citizen’s State Bank offer auto loans?

A: Yes we do auto loans! We know waiting at car dealerships can be a pain, so we offer vehicle financing without the hassle. Feel free to apply at Auto Loan Application , or give us a call at 903.581.8100.

Q: If we have bad credit can we still get a loan?

A: Although a bad credit score can negatively impact your ability to qualify for a loan, there are a variety of other factors considered in approving a loan. It is our recommendation to fill out a credit application and visit with a loan officer to see if we can qualify you for a loan.


Q: How do I apply for a mortgage loan?

A: Simple! Just follow this Mortgage Loan Link to apply online, and a mortgage officer will contact you to let you know the next steps in the approval process.

Q: What is escrow? What does it go towards?

A: Escrow is a holding account for your taxes and insurance fees. Your escrow account goes towards any insurance you have to pay for your home, as well as property taxes for the year. You pay monthly into this account for insurance policies and taxes on your property.

Q: Do we do Home Equity Line of Credits?

A: We do not do HELOC loans, but we do offer home equity loans.

Q: How are interest rates on loans determined?

A: Interest rates are determined by a variety of factors, such as current market rates, type of collateral, term of loan, as well as your credit score.

Q: Can we pay off a home loan early without penalty?

A: Yes, there is no penalty for paying off your home early.

Q: Where do I start when wanting to buy a home?

A: We know starting the home buying process can be overwhelming. Good news! We are here to help Get started with this quick form or come by to see a mortgage officer to get prequalified and see where you stand in the home buying process.

Q: How much will my down payment be to buy a home?

A: Down payments vary depending on the type of loan you get to finance your home. There may be several types of home loans that can apply to you. Contact us today to let us help determine which loan will be best for you.

Q: Can you compete with other companies for home loan rates?

A: Absolutely! We can offer most, if not all, of the same products as many other mortgage companies or banks. As a local bank, we want to offer our customers the best market rates available to earn your business. Visit with any of our mortgage lenders and let us help you get the best loan and rate for your mortgage needs.

Q: How much house I can afford?

A : How much you can afford is more of a personal financial decision. However, we can help you calculate the maximum loan amount that you are prequalified for on your home loan. Give us a call or visit with any of our mortgage loan officers, and we can help you with this prequalification process. You may also be able to take advantage of special loan programs for first time buyers.

Q : How do I know which type of mortgage is best for me?

A : There is no simple formula to determine the type of mortgage that is best for you. This choice depends on a number of factors, including your current financial picture and how long you intend to keep your house. Citizens State Bank can help you evaluate your choices and help you make the most appropriate decision. Learn More now.

Q : What does my mortgage payment include?

A : For most homeowners, the monthly mortgage payments include three separate parts: Principal, Interest, and Escrow

Q : How much cash will I need to purchase a home?

A : The amount of cash that is necessary depends on a number of items. Generally speaking, though, you will need to supply:
Earnest Money: The deposit that is supplied when you make an offer on the house
Down Payment: A percentage of the cost of the home that is due at settlement
Closing Costs: Costs associated with processing paperwork to purchase or refinance a house

Q : What is the difference between a fixed-rate loan and an adjustable-rate loan?

A : With a fixed-rate mortgage, the interest rate stays the same during the life of the loan. With an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), the interest changes periodically, typically in relation to an index. While the monthly payments that you make with a fixed-rate mortgage are relatively stable, payments on an ARM loan will likely change. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of mortgage, and the best way to select a loan product is by talking to us.

Personal and Business Loans:

Q: Can I fill out a loan application online?

A: Yes! Our consumer and commercial loan applications can be found here.

Q: Do you finance air planes?

A: Yes!

Q: Do you finance farm equipment?

A: Yes!

Q: Do you do small business loans? What are the requirements?

A: Citizens State Bank is happy to help small business owners with their financial needs. We would love to see your business grow and flourish with our help! Please contact a loan officer for any questions you may have or fill out a Loan Application, and we will be happy to help you get started.

Q: Do I have to be a citizen of the United States to get a loan?

A: Yes, we require all loan applicants be citizens of the United States. We review loans to non U.S. citizens on a case by case basis.

What Sets Citizens State Bank Apart From the Others?

Citizens State Bank has a long heritage here in East Texas. With five decades of history and experience driving our business culture, we know what it is to be the local banker that addresses community needs. The bank strives to offer a wide array of services to individuals and businesses that are modern and beneficial. We believe that loyalty to existing relationships, service, and great products are the key ingredients to remaining strong. If you are looking for a locally owned and operated community bank that makes decisions locally, puts your needs first, and can tailor products to fit those needs, come see us at any one of the following locations! We look forward to serving you.